The Foundations Of Building A Successful Business As An Entrepreneur

Welcome to The Tax Professor Business Course! I created this course to elevate and educate the individuals who are seeking the knowledge to create a successful business foundation. The course is a 4-week step-by-step walkthrough, containing helpful content, examples, and Q & A from several successful business owners. I will expand on each lesson and post course videos monthly, this course will continue to grow with business knowledge. I encourage you to post your journey on the @atlantataxprofessor Instagram page ( Your success is important to me, I am looking forward to watching you grow and learn throughout the course. Learn the proper legal and tax structure you need to protect your business, start your business, and market your business. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

What You'll Learn

You started out on the journey to build a business and you know you need more legal support but aren't ready to invest thousands. This course is taught by tax attorney Johnathan Whidbee to help you launch or scale your business the right way.

  • Formation of Business Structure (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc)

  • Foundation of Starting A Business

  • Tax & Accounting For Small Businesses

  • Top IRS Issues For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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Your Instructor

The Tax Professor

Johnathan Whidbee

I am Attorney Johnathan Whidbee and my focus areas are IRS federal business tax and formation issues. With a Law Degree from North Carolina Central School of Law and a Masters in Tax Law from Boston University School of Law, I have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to start and scale your business.
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Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

When operating a business separate personal and business expenses. Do not use personal bank accounts, credit cards, or other personal funding sources to pay for business expenses. If the business has employees, hire a payroll service. Lastly, keep a record of business receipts, invoices, and purchases.
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  • What is the difference between a C-Corp and S-Corp?

    A C-Corp is taxed at the corporate level and distributions are taxed at the shareholder level. A S-Corp is a pass-through entity, profit is taxed at the individual shareholder level only.

  • What is the tax structure for a LLC?

    A LLC is a legal not tax entity. A LLC can be taxed as a sole proprietorship, partnership, C- Corp, or elect to be taxed as a S-Corp.

  • Is a Federal Tax ID (EIN) required to open a business bank account?

    Yes, an EIN is required to open a business bank account, establish business credit, and applying for business loans.

Course Coming soon!

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